New Beginnings

Hey there!  I’m Athena.  Yeah, I am kinda annoyed right now (obviously).

So we moved again…that’s what Suttons do.  We move…all the time. Why?

Mostly because my dad is in trouble with some political mobster who was stealing diamonds and now wants to kill him.  Yeah, you know…the usual.

So after they got settled in…I moved.  My husband Greg and I (oh yeah! I got married!) moved into this awesome two bedroom house.  It’s a little dated but who cares.  It has a nursery and that’s all that matters.  We are trying for a little one.

Then things started to get weird.

My teenage brother Xander was abducted by aliens.

After 25 years of marriage my parents decided to get divorced.  Why?  Oh, well my mom is pregnant with my husband…EX-Husband’s baby.  Yeah…mom and I, we don’t talk so much anymore…or at all.

So, to sum things up…

  1. Brother — abducted by aliens.
  2. Father — constantly running from the mob.
  3. Mother — Pregnant with MY (Ex) Husband’s baby
  4. Parents — Divorced
  5. (ex) Husband — Scum who impregnanted my mother
  6. Myself — Divorced while my mother is having the baby my (ex) husband and I tried so hard to have.

Yeah, annoyed is putting it nicely.

But this is MY story now.  My family’s past is full of second chances.  I am on my way to becoming a doctor.  It’s a new town full of new people.  It’s time for MY second chance.  Let’s do this.

General Update


It’s been over a month since I’ve shown my face around these parts. I thought I would pop in and let you all know where things are.

I have decided to revive the Sutton story…for now. I am still currently on winter break but once the semester begins I will have no time to do anything other than school work. Such is the life of an English major.

I have been reading some really great sim stories as of late and I’ve really been inspired to pick up the Suttons. I can’t promise it will be great but I hope it will be fun (for you and me).

So, let’s give this another (by that I mean third) try.


General Update

Hey Simians!

So, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from moving the legacy over here.  It’s been really great!  I am so glad everyone is enjoying Noble Cause.

However, I am not enjoying Noble Cause.  After writing Chapter 13 yesterday I was totally disappointed with the way it turned out.  The story has become predictable and I am not in love with it anymore.

I am also up to my neck with papers, exams, quizzes, and studying for finals.  I am also in the process of switching my major so I can graduate earlier.  Oh, and there’s also that whole needing to work so I can pay bills deal.

With everything I have going on coupled with my whole disdain for where the legacy is right now and where I don’t want it to go I am putting Noble Cause on hold indefinitely.  However, since I still want to play the family and Athena just aged into a young adult, I will be starting a new blog for the family called Sutton Family Scrapbook.  Instead of being a story like Noble Cause it will be just as the name states: a scrapbook.

I will follow the Suttons and report on their life, what’s going on, who’s getting married, who had children, who is graduating, etc.  That way, I can still enjoy playing the family without needing to come up with catchy writing and whatnot.  I can just play, snap some screen shots and keep you posted on the Suttons.

I do hope to one day come back to the story of Noble Cause.  However, right now I need the time to focus on real life and the Sims needs to go back to being my place to get lost.  So, I will let everyone know when and where the Sutton Family Scrapbook goes live and until then, please be patient with the myself and the Suttons.

Chapter 13

Life As We Know It

I really wasn’t sure I was ready for another baby.  I was still reeling from losing Danny.  Staci of course was in her element.  She adores being a mother.  And well, before we knew it….

At least I didn’t freak out this time.  I guess moving up the police ladder is calming my crazy nerves.  I was even able to drive us safely to the hospital.  I rock!

“Shit. Stace!  Twins!  Twin girls!  What have we gotten ourselves into?!”

It was a big night for everyone.  Not only did we welcome Seraphina and Isabella into our lives but Thene aged into a teen and Xander became a child.

Thene looks more and more like my mother each day.  She’s brilliant and graceful.  She still wants to go to LeFromage Art Academy but we just don’t have the money right now.  Especially now with little Sera and Bella around.  Thene understands, though, and she’s a great help around the house.  I don’t know what we would do without her help!  We are so lucky to have Thene as our daughter.

Hard to believe how much Xander looks like my step-dad and even Elise.  I know I have seen that same look on Elise’s face years ago.  Xander is a spunky little kid, sweet and loves to fish.  He’s also an awesome astronaut…you know, in make believe land.  He loves his new baby sisters as, too.  He spends most of his time at scouts though (which is ok since the house is kinda crazy and he is learning to be self sufficient).

Right now, things are just…well, good.  We are just enjoying life.  As far as we know Loraine hasn’t been able to find us.  Now that I am a computer analyst with the forensic unit I am able to track her movements.  I haven’t been able to locate her but I am pretty sure she hasn’t been able to track us.

Thene has become interested in boys.  That freaks me the eff out.  She met this kid, Gregory, at school and now he is taking her to prom.  PROM!  My little girl is going to PROM.  What the fuck.  How did she grow up so fast?  And speaking of growing up…

Yes, that is my daughter DRIVING my police cruiser.  My daughter is now able to drive.  You know…I think I need to lock her in her room now.  I thought she was mobile once she learned to walk…this is a whole new ball game.

After the customary prom photos in the front yard, Gregory came over and sent them on their way…

There she goes…off to prom.  Alone…in the car…with a male…a teen male.  Oh Hell.

At least I have my little comic inside to cheer me up.  He put on his formal wear and got ready for his own prom pictures.  He pulled off James Bond better than prom date in my opinion.

Then it was back to the moon for Xander.

My darling little girl spent so much time working on being prom queen (which she won) that her grades slipped.  My honor roll daughter suddenly became interested in boys and being a social butterfly that she now has a D average.

At least she has her dear old dad to tutor her back up to and A.

Not to be outdone by his older sister, Xander’s grades slipped after he skipped school a couple of days.  Dad to the rescue again!  Now everyone is passing their classes with flying colors and all is well in our world.

This is life as we know it.

“Hey, Daddy?”

“What’s up?”

“Greggy asked me to go steady at prom.”

“Oh.”  Shit. “That’s great sweetie!”

And that was when I did what any good dad would do…I used my job as a top racking computer analyst in forensics to do a background check on Gregory…Noble.